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Meals-on-wheels home delivery

A special service for the community during the Coronovirus crisis

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The Cottage Hotel is now doing Meals on Wheels IN THE LOCAL AREA

Due to the coronavirus we have had lots of bookings cancelled and are concerned about trying to keep all our 38 full-time staff. So here is an opportunity to have delicious Cottage Hotel meals and grocery items all delivered FREE to your door.

  • One, two or three courses. Cooked fresh (comes complete with vegetables and potatoes where relevant).
  • Delivered on plates which can be microwaved.
  • Payment once a week by cheque or ring in with your card number or BACS.
  • Vegetarian, vegans and allergies can be catered for.

Free delivery to Hope Cove, Galmpton, South Huish, Bolberry and Malborough
£4.00 per delivery per day to Thurlestone, Kingsbridge and Salcombe.

The menu will not change (depending on availability). You can order for weeks ahead if you wish.

Click here to view/download a PDF with the details of this page and an order form

Online order form available soon.

Menu Code 4.3

The menu will be updated occasionally with your feedback and as products become available or in short supply. Each revision will have a different code so you should check your printed copy against this page which will always be the latest. This latest version is menu code 4.3.

Latest menu
Day Home-made soup Main course choices (served with vegetables and potatoes) Dessert
Monday Tomato soup A. Beef pie topped with mashed potatoes
B. Cod with leek cream sauce
C. Vegetable strogonoff with rice
Chocolate roulade
Tuesdays Carrot and coriander soup A. Chicken curry with rice
B. Fish pie
C. Vegetable roasted lasagne with garlic bread
Carrot cake (contains walnuts)
Wednesday Broccoli and cheddar soup A. Beef lasagne
B. Haddock with parsley cream sauce
C. Baked aubergine with spinach and mozzarella cheese
Profiterole rolls
Thursday Butternut squash soup A. Chilli con carne
B. Cod with parsley cream sauce
C. Penne pasta with mushroom sauce
Strawberry roulade
Friday Leek and potato soup A. Chicken pie topped with mashed potato
B. Sea bream fillets with tomato sauce
C. Vegetable curry with rice
Treacle tart
Saturday Celery and spinach soup A. Beef bourguignon with mashed potato
B. Fish cake with chives and prawn sauce
C. Vegetable pie
Bakewell tart
Sunday Curried parsnip and apple soup A. Roast lamb with gravy
B. Fish pie
C. Couscous ratatouille
Baked lemon cheese tart

Different optional starters

  • Vegetable spring roll
  • Duck spring roll with chilli sauce

Item name = out of stock at the moment but will be available later (check this page later)


Daily price

Starter only: £3.00 • Dessert only: £3.00

Main course only: £8.00 • Two courses: £11.00 • Three courses: £14.00

Weekly orders discounts

One main course daily: £49.00 per person per week (save £7.00)

Two courses (main and starter/dessert) daily: £66.50 per person per week (save £10.50)

Three courses (main, starter & dessert) daily: £84.00 per person per week (save £14.00)

Please phone the Hotel with your order
or preferably print out the PDF, fill in your order and send a photograph of it to

Click here to view/download a PDF with the details of this page and an order form

Payment in advance by phone with card, or a cheque left on the door step

WARNING: After heating the plated food in your microwave which is covered with cling film from our kitchen, use a knife to make a hole in the film so that the steam can escape and it does not burn you.


Note: groceries can only be delivered with a meals-on-wheels order.

Butter 250gm
£ 1.60
Cheddar cheese (mature) 400gm
£ 4.00
Eggs x 6, large free range
£ 1.50
Milk, fresh semi-skimmed 2 litres
£ 1.80
Milk, soya 1 litre Alpro
£ 1.90
Milk, UHT 1 litre
£ 1.00
Devonia bottled SPARKLING water 750ml (returnable bottle)
£ 1.50
Devonia bottled STILL water 750ml (returnable bottle)
£ 1.50
Fruit juice, apple 1 litre
£ 1.40
Fruit juice, orange 1 litre
£ 1.40
House wine Merlot (Sol del Oro - Chile) 75cl
£ 14.00
House wine Rosé (Sol del Oro - Chile) 75cl
£ 14.00
House wine Sauvignon Blanc (Sol del Oro - Chile) 75cl
£ 14.00
Peroni lager (bottle) 330ml
£ 2.75
Salcombe Brewery Devon Amber bitter (bottle) 500ml
£ 2.75
Hygienic hand soap 500ml
£ 1.80
Magic Safe Guard cleaner sanitiser 750ml
£ 3.50
Tissues (pack of 100)
£ 1.00
Toilet rolls x 4 (3 ply)
£ 3.20
Kelloggs Corn Flakes bag 500gm
£ 2.90
Kelloggs Frosties bag 500gm
£ 3.00
Kelloggs Rice Krispies bag 400gm
£ 3.00
Tin of Heinz baked beans 4125gm
£ 1.00
Tin of sweetcorn 326gm
£ 1.00
Tin of tuna in brine 185gm
£ 1.80
Loaf of sliced bread - white (Brent Mill Bakery)
£ 1.90
Loaf of sliced bread - wholegrain brown (Brent Mill Bakery)
£ 1.90
Mixed platter of Spanish sliced meat 180gm
£ 4.50
Vegetable box, large
£ 28.00
Vegetable box, small
£ 18.00

Item name = out of stock but can be pre-ordered